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This Simon Family Genealogy is a database that includes over 2,500 descendants of Lazar Shames, dating back to 1825. View it online or download it here. » Read more


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View family photos and documents in our gallery—you even can upload your own digital memories and artifacts directly to the site. Many photos also appear in Family Group Sheets in the Genealogy Section, Volume II. (coming soon) » Read more

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Welcome to the Simon Family Genealogy Website.

This site houses information collected by, about and for the Simon family, primarily in the United States but also around the world.  Since our family, like all others, is a dynamic one, adding births, deaths, marriages, etc. is an ongoing task.

We need your help!  If the information you see here is incomplete or inaccurate, it is either because we are missing the most current data or because the data we received is inaccurate.  Just let us know and we’ll correct the situation! (Visit the Contact section.)

As of November 1, this website now requires login to access.